Bahrain: Shura Council Approves Law To Curb AI Abuse

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Bahrain: Shura Council Approves Law To Curb AI Abuse

The Daily Tribune, 29 April 2024: The Shura Council has ratified a report from the Committee on Legislative and Legal Affairs endorsing a draft law which will regulate AI technology and its uses.

According to the committee, proposed penalties include a maximum fine of BD2,000 for individuals who program, process, or introduce AI in a way that violates individual freedom, invades the sanctity of private life, or undermines societal traditions.

Other penalties will include imprisonment and a fine ranging from BD5,000 to BD2,000 for individuals who design software or technology that promotes division among people.

The penalties will extend to those who manipulate official statements and create malicious fake visual and audio content.

The proposed law also ensures that those harmed by the use of artificial intelligence will have a right to request compensation for the damage they have suffered.

This law holds the owner of the robot or programmed machine responsible for the compensation of any damage caused by AI.

The Artificial Intelligence Unit will be given the authority to impose administrative penalties on licensed violators, ranging from a warning to license withdrawal and progressive administrative fines based on the severity of the violation.

The law also details criminal penalties.

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Tanya Jain