Saudi Arabia: HR Ministry To Start Wage Protection Service

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Saudi Arabia: HR Ministry To Start Wage Protection Service

The Human Resources Ministry and Social Development has announced its decision to implement a Wage Protection Service related to salaries of domestic workers through the Musaned platform.

In the first phase, the Wage Protection Service will be implemented for domestic workers arriving under new contracts, starting from 1 July 2024.

Existing house workers will gradually transition into the system in stages, based on the number of domestic workers each employer has.

By 1 January 2026, all categories of domestic workers will be covered by this service.

This service continues the ministry’s initiatives to develop the domestic workers sector and safeguard the rights of both workers and employers.

It aims to ensure salary payment transparency and facilitate it through digital wallets and approved banks via the ministry’s Musaned platform.

Enhancing the security and reliability of wage transfers preserves the rights of all parties involved in the contracts.

The new service will be implemented for employers with more than four domestic workers starting from 1 January 2025.

For employers with three or more workers, it will begin on 1 July 2025, while those with two or more workers will have it on 1 October 2025.

The service has been available on the Musaned platform since 1 April 2022, receiving positive feedback and interaction from customers and contractual parties.

The service of paying domestic workers’ salaries through specific official channels offers several benefits for the employer.

It improves the verification of salaries, simplifies procedures related to the worker’s termination or travel, and provides protection for both the employer and the worker in case of disputes.

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