Dubai: Complaints System for Military Departments Approved

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Dubai: Complaints System for Military Departments Approved

Emaratalyoum, 20 May 2024: The Dubai Government Human Resources Department has issued Dubai Decision 1/2024, which approves the grievances and complaints system for the military departments in Dubai.

The decision aims to achieve several goals.

First, it governs the procedures of the military department committees covered by the law.

Second, it organises the process of handling grievances and complaints before the relevant committee in terms of procedural and substantive rules.

Third, it links this process to the one followed by the Central Committee, in accordance with Dubai Decree No. 27/2018.

This includes specifically organising the timelines for submitting a grievance or complaint.

The decision aims to raise the level of performance of the committees’ work and align their indicators with government indicators and those of the Central Committee.

The objectives of the decision also include ensuring proper implementation of the provisions of current legislation and compliance with set limits.

It also aims to address any complaints from affiliates by providing an optimal environment within the department and reducing the need to resort to the Central Committee.

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