UAE: Marriage Grants Regulations Under Review

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UAE: Marriage Grants Regulations Under Review

Emaratalyoum, 16 May 2024: A parliamentary report, recently endorsed by the Federal National Council, has proposed that the Community Development Ministry conduct a thorough and contemporary governmental study.

The aim is to reassess the maximum salary cap for citizens seeking a marriage grant, currently set at 25,000 dirhams after accounting for housing and pension allowances, if applicable.

The report has emphasised that the requirement of linking marriage grants to a citizen’s income level or salary ceiling restricts eligibility to individuals without higher academic degrees.

It fails to benefit those with higher academic qualifications and positions.

The report, prepared by the Council’s Social Affairs, Labour, Population, and Human Resources Committee, has highlighted the key requirements for obtaining a marriage grant.

These include citizenship for both the beneficiary and their spouse, as well as the inability to afford marriage expenses, targeting individuals with limited income or those benefiting from social assistance.

However, the report underscores that this condition narrows the scope of citizens eligible for marriage grants, as it excludes many young individuals in need of such support, despite not falling under the definition of “people with limited income” or beneficiaries of social assistance. For the full story, click here.

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