Lexis Middle East HR Alert – May 2024 Edition

Lexis Middle East HR Alert – May 2024 Edition News developments

Lexis Middle East HR Alert – May 2024 Edition

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert!

Our complimentary publication is your go-to resource for staying informed on the latest Labour and Employment developments in the MENA region. In this edition, we provide a thorough overview of recent HR updates and key cases, alongside valuable insights into regional HR policies and laws. Stay empowered and well-informed with our meticulously curated content designed to keep you ahead in the evolving HR landscape.

This month, we explore how Saudi employers can utilise the Ajeer platform to manage temporary workers. Experts from Dentons and 11KBW discuss the legal risks of off-channel communications. We cover key regional developments, including DIFC immigration rule changes, and present survey findings on localisation trends in the GCC. Our law changes section highlights new insider trading rules from the Qatar Financial Markets Authority, and we analyse a significant case on freelance versus employee status. In our HR profile, Mpho Netshiombo from KPMG Bahrain discusses evolving recruitment strategies. Additionally, we review major HR moves across the region and provide practical advice on managing HR policies during adverse weather.

Stay informed with the latest insights and updates in this edition of Lexis Middle East HR Alert.

This edition features a diverse range of content, including:

Feature: Temporary Positions

Sara Khoja, Sarit Thomas, and Faisal Alassiri of Clyde & Co provide a comprehensive guide on leveraging the Ajeer Platform. They explain how this tool helps Saudi employers manage temporary workers more effectively and in compliance with regulations.

Trend Setter – Off-Channel Communications

Shiraz Sethi, Regional Head of Employment at Dentons, along with barristers Amy Rogers KC and Tom Ogg of 11KBW, discuss the increasing legal risks posed by off-channel social messaging. They offer insights into how employers can mitigate these risks.

News Round-up: Covering Recent Key Developments – Region-Wide

Stay abreast of recent developments, including employment-related matters, highlighting notable changes in Kuwait’s approach to part-time working.

Immigration Focus: Survey – Localisation Trends

This section highlights the findings of a recent survey conducted by Vialto Partners and Lexis Middle East. It provides key insights into localisation policies and trends in the GCC.

Case Focus

An analysis of a pivotal case that addresses the distinctions between freelance and employee status, offering critical insights for HR professionals navigating these classifications.

Law Changes: New and Proposed MENA Laws

Highlighting significant legal modifications across the MENA region. Reeda Halawi of Sultan Al–Abdulla & Partners examines the new insider trading rules introduced by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority through Decision No. 2/2024, explaining their implications for businesses.

Case Focus

A specific case, Miskofi v Milbart, in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Small Claims Tribunal is examined, showcasing how discrimination and victimisation cases are handled, recommended by Ayesha Karim.

Enrich your understanding of the HR landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, cases, and policies through the newest issue of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert.

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Moves and Changes

A summary of significant HR movements and changes across the region, highlighting notable appointments and transitions within major organisations.

Policy Pointers: Adverse Weather

Sarah Malik from SOL International Ltd offers practical advice on managing HR policies related to adverse weather conditions. She emphasises the importance of preparedness and compliance to mitigate the impact on businesses.

HR Profile: Recruitment in an Evolving Market

Mpho Netshiombo, Head of People, Performance, and Culture at KPMG Bahrain, discusses how recent legal and market changes have impacted recruitment strategies. He shares his approach to talent development, management, and engagement in this evolving landscape.

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