Qatar: Early Retirement Decision Issued

Qatar: Early Retirement Decision Issued News developments

Qatar: Early Retirement Decision Issued

Raya, 7 June 2024: The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority has confirmed that the Council of Ministers’ decisions were in line with Qatar Law No. 1/2022.

These decisions covered the conditions for early retirement eligibility, the formation and operating procedures of the authority’s dispute resolution committee, as well as the rules and regulations to be followed.

It aims to safeguard their rights, promote their active participation in society, and ensure they receive adequate income to maintain a decent standard of living.

The Cabinet decision provides exceptional benefits for certain cases of end of service.

It applies to those whose service ended on or after 3 January 2023.

Individuals born in 1983 or earlier can benefit from the decision in case of resignation without pension entitlement.

Those born in 1984 are eligible for early retirement pension, provided they are at least 44 years old.

However, for those born in 1983 or earlier, the subscription period in the insurance system must be at least 17 years.

Additionally, the dispute resolution committee includes judicial elements.

The Legal Affairs Director has noted that those previously covered under the repealed Qatar Law No. 24/2002, whose service ended due to resignation, disciplinary action, or other reasons under the new Social Insurance Law, may qualify for the pension, subject to certain conditions set by the Council of Ministers.

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