UAE: Abortion Regulations Announced

UAE: Abortion Regulations Announced News developments

UAE: Abortion Regulations Announced

Al-Bayan, 8 June 2024: The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has announced the procedures and controls related to cases in which abortion is permitted, with the aim of preserving the life and health of pregnant women and enhancing oversight of health facilities operating in the country.

The Ministry has explained that the procedures and cases in which abortion is permitted have been regulated by several rules.

These rules state that abortion requests are studied and decided upon by a committee formed within each health authority, as per the decision of the Minister or the head of the respective health authority.

The committee must include three members, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, a doctor specialising in psychiatry, and a representative from the Public Prosecution.

The committee may seek the assistance of whomever it deems appropriate with expertise and experience.

The Ministry has explained that an abortion may be performed if the continuation of the pregnancy poses a threat to the pregnant woman’s life and there is no other way to save her life.

Additionally, an abortion may be performed if the fetus is proven to have a serious deformity that would affect its health and life after birth, but this requires a medical report issued by a committee as proof.

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