Kuwait: Banks Given Access to Public Employees’ Data

Kuwait: Banks Given Access to Public Employees’ Data News developments

Kuwait: Banks Given Access to Public Employees’ Data

Alari, 13 June 2024: Kuwaiti banks have signed a cooperation agreement with the Civil Service Commission stating that they would be allowed access to the data vault of employees in government agencies.

Under this agreement, banks will be authorised to obtain relevant financial information, including salary certificates with detailed income records, from employees seeking loans, which will aid in making informed lending decisions.

Extracting employee data from the official ‘Civil Service’ website will require prior written consent from the client, granting the bank access to the information while complying to strict confidentiality protocols for safeguarding employee data.

The banks have conducted a study on this matter and determined that direct access to the salary data of employees in government agencies would offer several benefits.

It will facilitate the process of obtaining salary certificates, thereby reducing the administrative burden and simplifying the routine procedures for both banks and government agencies.

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Tanya Jain