Iraq’s Top Court Upholds Law Ordering Hand Recount of Election Ballots

After two months of electoral turmoil, the highest court of Iraq ordered on Thursday a manual recount of all the votes casted during the last legislative elections of May 12.

Despite an election that seemed optimistic – at least from a legal and procedural standpoint, Iraq is still living great political uncertainty. Several political parties have come out with accusations of fraud – and such claims have obviously increased doubts on the electoral results in a country still struggling to perfect its democratic process. As a result the Iraqi Parliament demanded a recount of all votes.

Supreme Judicial Council President, Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud announced on Thursday that “The Court finds the decision of Parliament [taken on 6 June] in favor of manual counting does not violate the provisions of the Constitution”.

What does this mean for the Iraqi democratic process? Should Iraqis be reassured that the Rule of Law, through independent courts, have taken on the fight for fair élections?

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