Turkey: Coronavirus Vaccine Card to be Issued

Turkey: Coronavirus Vaccine Card to be Issued News developments

Turkey: Coronavirus Vaccine Card to be Issued

Hurriyet Daily News, 12 May 2021: The Turkish authorities have announced they are introducing a Coronavirus vaccine card for its citizens.

It will be available through the Hayat Eve Sıgar system which keeps track of Coronavirus contacts.

Those who have had both doses of the Coronavirus vaccine will be able to create a vaccine ID card.

They will also be able to add their passport numbers. This will be included in the ID card.

The cards will be able to be used for international travel.

The information regarding the vaccine status of someone will be accessed with the data on the passports when they enter their destination.

An individual’s identity information, vaccine status, the name and date the vaccine was applied and the safe tourism logo which was introduced by the Culture and Tourism Ministry last year will be included in the card.

There will also be a QR code on the card. This will enable the relevant authorities to visit a website which shows if people are eligible for the vaccine and handles vaccine appointments via the e-Nabız system.

When they scan the QR code, information on the vaccine status of an individual will be available in both English and Turkish on the screen.

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