Turkey: New Rules for Taxi Drivers Announced

Turkey: New Rules for Taxi Drivers Announced News developments

Turkey: New Rules for Taxi Drivers Announced

Hurriyet Daily News, 20 October 2021: Turkey’s Interior Ministry has announced it has issued a booklet to taxi drivers in 81 provinces in the country.

It has been issued following increases in complaints about taxi drivers in cities.

The bilingual booklet contains 12 rules taxi drivers should comply with.

It will be placed on taxi stands and in the back of vehicles so passengers can easily access it.

Divers must only work in regions permitted by the municipality.

They should not smoke or listen to music loudly in their vehicles.

They should wear a face mask and comply with social distancing rules.

They should open the taximeter at the start of the trip and no extra fees will be imposed on passengers other than the taximeter or toll fee.

Drivers cannot refuse to drive passengers short distances.

They should also not favour tourists over locals.

In addition, they should take the shortest route unless a passenger asks for another way, propose the shortest option if a passenger does not know the route and not interfere in dialogue for other routes.

Finally, drivers should obey the traffic rules and act to protect public peace.

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