Abu Dhabi: Non-Government Organisation Registration Begins

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Abu Dhabi: Non-Government Organisation Registration Begins

Gulf News (United Arab Emirates), 18 November 2021: Abu Dhabi’s Community Development Department has announced non-government organisations can now register to be licensed in the Emirate.

This will enable them to operate within the law.

The Department has already started receiving applications in line with an agreement signed earlier this year between them and the UAE Federal Community Development Ministry to implement Federal Law No. 35/2020 (which amends Federal Law No. 2/2008).

The agreement defines the powers of both entities to supervise and regulate this sector.

In order to be eligible to apply for the license, founding members must sign statutes, record the minutes of their meetings signed by the attendees and record minutes of the meeting of the temporary committee. One member of the committee has to be authorised to submit monthly reports and statements which include the names, titles, professions and places of residence of the founding members, copies of their identity cards and passports, as well as their data form.

Under the relevant legislation, Emiratis have the right to apply for one of these licenses in line with these conditions. The association must perform and provide services after establishment for the public interest without collecting profits and anyone should be able to be a member.

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Benjamin Filaferro