UAE: Maternity and Paternity Leave Entitlements Amended

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UAE: Maternity and Paternity Leave Entitlements Amended

Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates), 17 November 2021: The new Labour Regulations have amended the maternity and paternity leave entitlements for private sector employees.

Under Federal Decree-Law No. 33/2021, female employees will be able to take 60 days’ maternity leave, including 15 days on half pay.

Where the mother or newborn child fall sick, the employee is able to take an additional 45 days without pay once the initial maternity leave is over, providing the provide an official sick leave certificate.

New mothers of infants with special needs will be entitled to 30-days paid leave after they have completed their initial maternity leave. This can be renewed for another 30 days with no pay. A medical report of the child’s case has to be presented first.

Under the same legislation, employers have to provide women with equal pay for the same job performed by men,. The value will be determined by the Cabinet. Discrimination in terms of duties in the same workplace is also banned.

All provisions regulating the employment of employees will apply without discrimination to working women. Employers are banned from recruiting on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, nationality, or disability. This is because it will weaken equal opportunities or impair equality in workplaces.

Article 14 of Federal Decree-Law No. 33/2021 bans sexual harassment, bullying, or the use of verbal, physical, or emotional violence against employees by the employer, superiors or colleagues.

The employer may also not use any means of coercion or penalty threat to force employees to perform a task against their will.

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