UAE: Changes to Film Editing

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UAE: Changes to Film Editing

The National, 19 December 2021: Films with adult content will no longer undergo editing or changes in the UAE, following the introduction of a new 21 age rating in cinemas.

The UAE Media Regulatory Office has stated that screenings will be shown without editing of their original “international version”.

However, Cinemas will have to adhere strictly to the new age rating, which requires proof of ID that a person is over 21.

Though most international releases are allowed to be shown in the Emirates, it is common for films with adult themes to have certain scenes edited out.

Up until now the highest age rating for films was 18, and relatively few releases came under this classification.

Editing of films has been largely restricted to films shown in cinemas. Material shown on home streaming services or airlines has rarely been edited.

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Benjamin Filaferro