Oman: Personal Data Protection Law Approved

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Oman: Personal Data Protection Law Approved

Times of Oman, 9 February 2022: Oman’s Sultan has approved Oman Sultani Decree No. 6/2022 promulgating the Personal Data Protection Law.

The Transport, Communications and Information Technology Minister will be responsible for issuing the Implementing Regulations to the Law and any other relevant Decisions.

Until the Regulations and any other Decisions are issued, the existing regulations and decisions will continue to apply.

Article 3 of Oman Sultani Decree No. 6/2002 repeals Chapter Seven of the Electronic Transactions Law (Oman Sultani Decree No. 69/2008) and anything else which contravenes or contradicts its provisions.

It will be published in the Official Gazette and come into force 365 days after it is published. Also reported in Atheer on 9 February 2022. For full story, click here.

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Benjamin Filaferro