Dubai: Savings Scheme for Foreign Employees in Government Launched

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Dubai: Savings Scheme for Foreign Employees in Government Launched

Dubai’s Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council has announced a Savings Scheme for Foreign Employees in the Government has been launched.

It has been launched to improve the end-of-service benefits system and retain Dubai’s position as an attractive place to work.

It will be supervised by the Dubai International Financial Centre together with several international investment firms.

It will offer an integrated system which will offer employees various saving opportunities across financial portfolios who can grow their benefits and savings.

It will be available to both citizens and residents.

It will provide employees with various financial benefits, particularly the opportunity to save across different financial portfolios to grow their savings and provide financial sustainability to them and their families. It will also protect and manage amounts owed more effectively by depositing them in the Scheme from the date of enrolment.

It will therefore not include any amounts owed from former years of service which the current legislation applies to. In addition, employees will be able to choose multiple investment structures including traditional investment funds and others which are compatible with Islamic Sharia. Employees who do not wish to invest their benefits will also be provided with options which ensure capital protection.

The Crown Prince has also ordered a steering committee be established which will be led by the General Secretariat of the Executive Council. Committee members will include the Department of Finance, the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, the Supreme Legislation Committee and the Dubai International Financial Centre. They will be responsible for developing an action plan, setting executive procedures, overseeing the workflow of the Scheme and ensuring it achieves its objectives. They will also be responsible for studying the possibility of extending the system to the private sector in Dubai on a voluntary basis, in line with the legislation in force and the relevant federal and local authorities.

The board of trustees and international investment firms will assume the duties of overseeing the Savings Scheme within a governance system which ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the Scheme to guarantee it serves employees’ interests first and foremost. They will also be responsible for ensuring it provides multiple investment avenues and supports the planning and management of human resources in Dubai by securing end-of-service benefits for employees on a regular and sustainable basis within an efficient integrated system. Also reported in Alroeya on 2 March 2022. For full story, click here.

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