Saudi Arabia: Consultation on Draft Education Law Launched

Saudi Arabia: Consultation on Draft Education Law Launched News developments

Saudi Arabia: Consultation on Draft Education Law Launched

Saudi Gazette, 17 May 2022: Saudi Arabia’s Education Ministry has announced it has launched a public consultation on a draft Education Law.

The law aims to organise all aspects of public education in a way which increases the level of learning to achieve the highest quality in education and improve its outcomes in terms of scientific and skill-related aspects.

If approved, a Public Education Council will be established.

It will have 17 members and be led by the Education Minister.

The Council will have various responsibilities, including approving public education policies and strategies, determining the age of admission to public education and establishing a minimum wage for teachers in private schools.

The Ministry together with the relevant authorities will set models for educational buildings and define their specifications and requirements.

They will also establish Government buildings to meet the objectives of public education. They will have the right to construct and own these buildings by contracting with the private sector.

In addition, they will regulate the use of public and private educational buildings outside of daily school hours and during public holidays to ensure public education objectives are met.

They will also supervise private school activities and follow up on their commitment to the law and regulations.

They will set the standards and controls for determining tuition fees in private schools as well.

They will not be able to be imposed or modified without their approval.

Under the law, education will be in-person at all stages of public education and the Ministry will have the right to benefit from e-learning technologies as part of in-person education.

The Ministry will encourage the private and non-profit sectors to participate and invest in public education services and establish nurseries, kindergartens and private schools at various educational levels in the Kingdom and for Saudi students abroad.

The Ministry will also encourage foreign investment in public education services.

Teachers in public schools will be subject to the Labour and Social Security Laws.

Finally, the Ministry will provide guard services to public schools and set the necessary standards and requirements in this respect.

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