Abu Dhabi: Six Month Inspection Programme of LPG Systems in Buildings

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Abu Dhabi: Six Month Inspection Programme of LPG Systems in Buildings

Khaleej Times, 08 August 2023: The Department of Energy – Abu Dhabi (DoE) has started a project which will involve the inspection, assessment, and repair of LPG systems in nearly 2,800 buildings in the emirate.

Both commercial and residential properties will be inspected. Building owners are accountable for ensuring the effective operation and maintenance of gas systems in their buildings. Under the department’s new regulations, annual inspections are to be conducted and those who fail to meet the requirements will be subject to fines or legal proceedings. Checks will ensure the building meets the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice requirements.

The comprehensive inspections will be carried out on LPG gas-filling systems, safety equipment, and gas systems inside buildings and connected to residential units.

Building owners and facility managers will be notified of the inspection date at least one week in advance, allowing them to display public notices in building entrances and ensuring tenants are aware of the process and are able to cooperate with the inspectors.

Those that pass the inspection will receive a Certificate of Conformity which will be valid for one year.

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