Lexis Middle East HR Alert – August 2023 Edition

Lexis Middle East HR Alert – August 2023 Edition News developments

Lexis Middle East HR Alert – August 2023 Edition

We are pleased to present the August 2023 edition of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert!

Explore our complimentary publication, the Lexis Middle East – HR Alert, which offers a comprehensive array of insights and updates to keep you well-informed about the latest happenings in the Labor and Employment landscape of the MENA region. We have meticulously brought together the latest HR updates and developments of the region to ensure you stay empowered at all times. The publication showcases significant cases and provides insightful information on HR policies and laws of the region.

Inside this edition, you will find special conversations with leading HR professionals, along with expert advice on upcoming trends in the industry. Stay current and enrich your understanding of HR by diving into the newest release of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert.

This edition presents a diverse range of features:

Feature: Coping with Contracts

Explore the changes to employment contract forms in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Fadi Hassoun and Hadeel Mohamed of Galadari Advocates and Legal Consultants provide you with the essential knowledge to navigate these adjustments effectively.

Trend Setter – From Employee Well-Being to Healthy Organisations

Learn from a forward-thinking technology company, Atlas’s perspective on employee well-being and the importance of maintaining healthy organizations. Presented by Sushmita Acharjee, Senior Manager, HR Service Delivery & Benefits for Atlas in Africa & the Middle East.

News Round-up: Covering Recent Key Developments – Region-Wide

Stay abreast of recent developments, including updates on the Omani Social Protection Fund and other significant news items.

Immigration Focus: Recent GCC Immigration and Visa Changes

The dynamics team at Vialto Partners shares the latest immigration updates from the region, including changes in Emiratisation policies specifically affecting small companies.

Additionally, Umme Salma, Senior Manager at Vialto Partners explains why keeping connected and being prepared is so important in corporate immigration.

Law Changes: New and Proposed MENA Laws

Explore the ramifications of a recent Ministerial Decision that has brought about changes to Emiratisation fines, thus changing the legal landscape.

Case Focus:

Delve into a case study involving an employee who initially failed to claim all their entitlements, providing valuable lessons for HR professionals.

HR Profile – Hospitality

Meet Monique Dekker, a Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Hyatt, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in the hospitality sector. Gain insights into managing resilience and growth in this dynamic industry.

Policy Pointers – Family Business Policies

Explore policies tailored for family businesses and their implications. Ayesha Karim, Advocate, shares key insights into the crucial aspect of HR management.

Enrich your understanding of the HR landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, cases, and policies through the newest issue of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert.

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