Dubai: New Fine System Speeds Lifting of Travel Bans

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Dubai: New Fine System Speeds Lifting of Travel Bans

Khaleej Times, 8 August 2023: The Dubai Public Prosecution has introduced a smart fine payment service, which will enable individuals convicted in criminal cases to pay their fines electronically and have travel restrictions automatically revoked.

The smart service allows payment related to criminal judgments, in which fines have been issued as judgments in presence, absenteeism, and legal presence. The service covers all stages of litigation, including the primary, appeal, and cassation. After the fine payment, the smart service coordinates with the Dubai Police to cancel arrest warrants and halt searches for the individual.

The smart payment service for fines is a proactive digital service that has been added to the package of prosecution services that are in line with the 360 ​​services policy. It reduces the need to personally visit the Public Prosecution headquarters to announce a default judgement and pay fines.

Individuals will be able to make these payments in three ways.

By the first, they will be able to click on an attached link in the text message sent by the Public Prosecution. After clicking on the link, they are redirected to a page where they can login using a digital ID and then pay the fine electronically.

Fines can also be settled through payment machines for an electronic payment process or at cash payment machines. These machines accept banknotes of all denominations until the fine is fully paid. Alternatively, fines can be paid electronically using cards.

Finally, fines can also be paid on the Public Prosecution website, where the customer logs in by using the digital ID, and pays the fine electronically.

The individual then receives a text message from the Public Prosecution confirming the completion of the payment process. The message also indicates the cancellation of the arrest warrant and that the search for the individual has been stopped.

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