Sharjah: Authorities Issue Reminder on Water Cooler Rules

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Sharjah: Authorities Issue Reminder on Water Cooler Rules

Khaleej Times, 5 August 2023: Authorities in Sharjah, have reminded the public about the regulations on water coolers, and the requirements to ensure water is not contaminated and to prevent electrical accidents.

Khalfan Rashid Al Mughni, head of operations and the municipal inspection department at the Municipality of Khor Fakkan, stated water coolers should be placed within the boundaries of a house or building compound. Only the water pipe and faucet are allowed to be exposed outside.

The authorities have no objection to people installing water coolers. However, it is forbidden to place water coolers entirely outside the property.

Where this is the case risk of contamination is higher.

The Al Dhafra region Municipality has also launched a campaign called ‘Registering Public Water Coolers or Sabil is the Arabic word for water coolers)

The municipality has launched an electronic platform called ‘Tamm’ which can be used to obtain the required permit for installing water coolers. They have also inspected around 570 water coolers in various neighbourhoods. This follows a number of past incidents where people had been injured including in electrical accidents for users which happened due to improper installation and maintenance of water coolers.

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