Oman: Environmental Permit Fees Cut

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Oman: Environmental Permit Fees Cut

Oman Daily Observer, 20 August 2023: The Chairman of Oman’s Environment Agency has announced it has issued an environmental permits Decision, cutting fees for environmental permits.

Oman Decision No. 107/2023 has been published in the Official Gazette and revokes the existing Decision covering environmental requirements for service and industrial activities.

Under the previous regulations, there was no ceiling imposed for fines, which in some cases reached 10,000 Rials. The highest fee imposed was 1,500 Rials for three years.

In addition, an activity could not be changed or updated and no advance warning was given before a violation was issued. Under the new regulations, fines imposed cannot exceed the value of the permit or 900 Rials.

There will be more flexibility in updating, changing, or adding new activities and notice before a violation is recorded will be given.

Also reported in Shabiba on 20 August 2023. For the full story, click here.

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Tanya Jain