Oman: E-commerce Decision Issued

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Oman: E-commerce Decision Issued

Oman Daily Observer, 10 September 2023: Oman’s Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion Ministry has announced it has issued Oman Ministerial Decision No. 499/2023 to regulate the practice of e-commerce activity in the Sultanate.

E-stores will also have to protect consumer data. Vendors must maintain the confidentiality of consumer data and disclose measures taken to protect the data. They must immediately contact relevant authorities where there is a breach and provide a clear framework for receiving and handling consumer complaints as well as an exchange and return policy on par with current laws and contact information.

A licence to practice e-commerce must be obtained by submitting an electronic application via the Invest Easy portal.

It has been issued as part of a national e-commerce plan and is aimed at creating a legal and regulatory environment for the development and promotion of e-commerce. As part of the plan, an e-commerce complex will be established and the necessary infrastructure to support the sector will be developed.

It is also aimed at documenting local e-stores and facilitating access to e-stores organising operations related to buying and selling via the Internet and reducing e-commerce-related fraud. In addition, it is aimed at keeping up with e-commerce regulation and e-stores monitoring development.

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