Qatar: Details of New Anti-commercial Concealment Law Provided

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Qatar: Details of New Anti-commercial Concealment Law Provided

Qatar Tribune, 3 November 2023: Qatar’s Commerce and Industry Ministry has provided details of a new Anti-commercial Concealment Law.

Qatar Law No. 3/2023 repeals and replaces Qatar Law No. 25/2004.

Concealment includes any non-Qataris practicing a commercial, economic, or professional activity in any of the fields they are not authorised to practice in.

It also includes obtaining profit percentages which are higher than those specified in the company’s articles of association or incorporation document.

In addition, it includes a Qatari individual or a company national, facilitating non-Qataris in engaging in commercial, economic, or professional activities that violate applicable laws in any way.

The new law has been approved in line with the strategy to modernise legal frameworks in the country and foster a more transparent investment climate.

It has also been introduced to keeps up with legislative amendments related to the regulation of non-Qatari capital investment in economic activities.

The Law allows the practice of various economic activities following approved regulations.

The new Law will ensure fair practices in commercial transactions and establish an investment-friendly environment and provide stability to commercial enterprises by permitting reconciliation and legalising the situation of the concealed party, at the expense of the violator.

It encourages concealment cases to be reported and improve collaboration between government entities to tackle concealment.

In addition, it aims to involve society and increase its role in limiting concealment and increase penalties for concealment offences to deter potential offences from being committed.

It also aims to collect the taxes and any other amounts owed to the state because of illegal activities.

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