Dubai: Dubai Framework Approved

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Dubai: Dubai Framework Approved

Gulf News (United Arab Emirates), 26 November 2023: The International Civil Aviation Organisation has announced more than 100 countries have agreed to an interim goal to reduce emissions from global aviation by 2030 by using less-polluting fuels.

The agreement was reached after five days of UN-led discussions in Dubai.

Under the framework, the Organisation and its member states will work towards decentralising the production of sustainable aviation fuel or SAF and other aviation-cleaner energies internationally.

This will provide a fair and equal opportunity for participation across the value chain.

The adoption of the so-called Dubai Framework or Global SAF and LCAF Framework will see emissions from aviation reduced by 5% through cleaner energies like SAF by 2030.

It will also encourage investments in clean aviation energy. This will generate fresh investment and economic opportunities.

The Organisation’s members also agreed to review the goals by 2028. The agreement has been reached just days ahead of COP28.

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