Kuwait: Electronic Driving Licences for Expatriates Launched

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Kuwait: Electronic Driving Licences for Expatriates Launched

Gulf News (United Arab Emirates), 11 December 2023: Kuwait’s Interior Minister has approved a Decision introducing electronic driving licences for expatriates in the country.

Under Kuwait Ministerial Decision No. 410/2023, the licences will be valid for one year and may be renewed.

It means physical driving licences will not be available to this group.

Expatriates will be able to renew their licences electronically via the Interior Ministry’s website or the Sahel application.

The Kuwait Mobile ID section in the application will activate the new licences.

Residents can check their licence status via this section as well. If the licence is valid, there will be a green tick. If the licence has expired, there will be a red mark instead.

The licences of domestic and international truck drivers are not affected by the new Decision.

Kuwait residents travelling abroad must use licences from their respective countries.

Also reported in Alrai on 10 December 2023. For the full story, click here.

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Tanya Jain