Oman: Liquidity Provider Service Launched

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Oman: Liquidity Provider Service Launched

Oman Daily Observer, 14 January 2024: The Muscat Stock Exchange has announced the launch of a liquidity provider service.

The service enables the daily presentation of buying and selling offers with a spread of approximately 2% between asking price and bid.

It has been launched as part of the Exchange’s Market Making Initiative and has been launched together with the National Programme for Financial Sustainability.

The Exchange’s CEO said the service has been launched to create liquidity for selected and agreed-upon stocks.

The launch of the service will help the Exchange become an emerging exchange by meeting the essential requirements.

The Exchange is currently working with listed companies, specifically with significant market capitalisation, to provide the service.

There are plans to establish dedicated funds to improve liquidity in the coming days as well.

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Tanya Jain