Saudi Arabia: Supply of Services Regulations Come into Force

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Saudi Arabia: Supply of Services Regulations Come into Force

Saudi Gazette, 12 March 2024: The Regulation to Suspend Government Services has come into force.

The Saudi Arabian authorities said that the Regulations came into force on 11 March.

They specify that services can only be suspended after a grace period for rectifying the violation has been given.

Services related to treatment, education, jobs, commercial registration or documentation cannot be suspended in a way that would hurt a beneficiary or their dependents.

As well as allowing a grace period, services should only be suspended in line with a legal document.

The suspension of services should be carried out in three phases.

There should be 15 days in the first and second phases. This can be extended for another 15 days.

The period in the third phase will be determined in line with the specifications in the statutory document for the suspension.

This will be submitted by the government authority, requesting the suspension.

Where the reason for suspending services is rectified, the suspension will have to be lifted within 24 hours by the relevant government entity.

Individuals and institutions can submit a request to extend the grace period before services are suspended.

They can also request details of the entity suspending the services.

This is aimed at protecting the rights of the parties involved as well as improve compliance and commitment.

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