Qatar: Shoura Council Reviews National Identity Promotion Proposal

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Qatar: Shoura Council Reviews National Identity Promotion Proposal

Qatar Tribune, 12 March 2024: Qatar’s Shoura Council has reviewed a national identity promotion proposal.

It was submitted by one of its members and relates to strengthening national belonging and identity among Qatari students in private schools.

It suggests strengthening students’ national identity, including by reconsidering legislation regulating private schools in terms of clothing.

It says this could be done by adding regulations that oblige all Qatari male students to wear Qatari traditional clothing and Qatari female students wear clothing in line with values, customs and traditions of the Qatari society.

This would help to preserve national identity in private schools.

The proposal also suggests determining the specifications of school uniforms for each grade and age.

In addition, it suggests performing the national anthem and raising the state flag in schoolyards or in private school buildings that have Qatari students.

They decided to refer the proposal to the government to consider.

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