Abu Dhabi: Tourism Tax Waived

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Abu Dhabi: Tourism Tax Waived

Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates), 22 March 2024: Abu Dhabi’s Culture and Tourism Department has announced the Emirate’s tourism tax is being waived.

The tax is usually levied at 10% of the value of tickets sold.

The waiver applies until 31 December 2024 and applies to the issuing, distributing and marketing of event tickets in the Emirate.

The waiver is the latest measure to be announced to support the tourism and events industry in the Emirate and help it grow.

However, event organisers will still have to obtain event licences through the Abu Dhabi Events Licensing System in line with specific regulations.

They will also still have to declare revenues generated from their events, submit supporting financial statements and cooperate with revenue auditors or individuals designated by the Culture and Tourism Department to verify the accuracy of their declarations.

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Tanya Jain