Saudi Arabia: Changes in the Energy Efficiency Sector

Saudi Arabia: Changes in the Energy Efficiency Sector News developments

Saudi Arabia: Changes in the Energy Efficiency Sector

Aleqtsiadiya, 27 May 2024: The Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre Etihad ESCO has announced it is working to create a suitable environment for service providers in this sector to obtain available investment opportunities.

The centre has also implemented a licensing mechanism for those interested in investing in this sector after they have the necessary technical requirements to provide the service and obtain available investment opportunities for energy audit projects.

Eight initiatives have been launched, including an updated regulation for licensing energy efficiency service providers, aimed at identifying the necessary requirements for licensing investors who are interested in the sector in Saudi to ensure the quality of their work and protect the rights of their customers. In addition a second edition of the “National Measurement and Verification Guide” has been issued.

The guide has been aligned with the global “EVO” organisation to ensure there is compliance with the latest international practices in this field. Furthermore, a regulation for independent energy auditors has also been introduced to grant licenses to individuals to provide energy audit services for the residential and commercial sectors and offer energy audit services to facility owners on a wide geographical basis.

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