Weekly Spotlight – April 2, 2017

This week the spotlight is on legal and regulatory developments in the UAE, where publicly-listed companies in the country will be urged to boost female representation following an agreement between the country’s Securities and Commodities Authority and the UAE Gender Balance Council. Under the agreement, the two organisations will work harder to narrow the gender gap in listed firms as well. It comes as the UAE is going to launch a comprehensive set of guidelines and actions aimed at helping UAE organisations adopt a gender-sensitive approach at their workplace in September 2017. The guidelines have been developed in line with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The Council will hold various workshops for representatives from federal entities, to introduce the guide and how to implement it.

Elsewhere, private recruitment agencies in the UAE are going to be replaced with Government-backed recruitment centres later this year. It represents an industry overhaul and companies will have to meet strict criteria to work for the Tadbeer network of Labour Ministry-regulated centres. Centre staff will conduct interviews with domestic workers to ensure they understand their contractual rights, get the appropriate training and the right education. They will also resolve disputes and monitor housing and other accommodation for workers. The aim is to provide a contact point for domestic workers to protect low-income labour from exploitation.


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