Weekly Spotlight: New Worker’s Insurance Scheme Upcoming in the UAE

This week the spotlight is on employment developments in the UAE, where the country’s Human Resources and Emiratisation Ministry has announced that from 14 October, a worker’s insurance scheme will replace the existing bank guarantees system. The new insurance scheme will apply to all private-sector employees, including domestic workers.

Instead of a fixed amount of 3,000 AED which typically must be paid against every work permit application, employers will pay an insurance premium of 120 AED per person, for a two-year work permit. This will provide an insurance coverage of up to 20,000 AED in lieu of unpaid wages, return ticket and against work-related injuries, among other benefits.

Employers will be able to recover earlier deposited bank guarantees only on the cancellation or renewal of a work permit and after the payment of an insurance premium. They must be free from any wages-related violations for at least six months before the renewal date of the work permit.

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