Weekly Spotlight: Draft Qatari DNA Law Approved

This week the spotlight is on legal developments in Qatar, where the Cabinet has approved a draft DNA Law and referred it to the Shoura Council to consider. If approved it will replace Qatar Law No. 9/2013 and under the Law, the Interior Ministry will establish a DNA database and will be the relevant authority. It will be devoted to preserving genetic fingerprints resulting from samples taken under the Law. It will be illegal to take biological or biochemical samples and to carry out DNA tests, or store data in a DNA database, for evidence, investigation or trial, without a Public Prosecution decision or a competent court decision to do so.

Data recorded in the DNA database will be confidential and may not be viewed without the permission of the Interior Minister, the Public Prosecution or the competent court.
In addition, DNA tests and data kept in the DNA database will be authoritative unless proven otherwise, except where provided for in Chapter 2, Part 6 of the Family Law.

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