Qatar: Real Estate Committee for Expatriates Established

Qatar’s Cabinet has approved a Decision establishing a committee to regulate non-Qatari ownership and real estate use. The Decision has been issued in line with Qatar Law No. 16/2018 which states non-Qataris may own and use real estate in the areas in line with the relevant conditions, controls, benefits and procedures. It stated a committee would be established and would be Chaired by a Justice Ministry representative. Individuals from the relevant authorities would also be members. The committee will propose areas where non-Qataris can own and use real estate and propose the terms and conditions of their ownership and use of real estate. It will also propose the benefits, incentives and facilities granted to property owners and non-Qatari users. In addition, it will propose fees and services in the areas determined by the Cabinet and any other functions ordered by a Ministerial Decision. The Decision also sets out how its members will be paid.

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