Weekly Spotlight: Draft UAE Federal Maritime Law Being Prepared

This week the spotlight is on legal and regulatory developments in the UAE, where the Federal Government reportedly plans to adopt a new maritime law. It is understood the first draft will be ready in early 2019. It will then be circulated for a consultation and submitted to the Government to review.

It will support port infrastructure in the country with the aim of attracting participation in its shipping industry and address the issue of diversity of shipping facilities. It will also include provisions for freight forwarders, cargo and ports. In addition, it will cover the UAE National Ship Registry, as well as environmental pollution, health and safety and logistical operations.

Elsewhere, the country’s Health and Prevention Ministry has approved a draft federal law on legal protection for non-medically trained persons providing emergency assistance and relief. The Head of the Emirates Emergency Division of the Emirates Medical Society said the law will come into force in 2019 and will make the UAE the first Arab nation to apply this type of law. It will protect people from civil or criminal prosecution when providing bona fide assistance or relief to another person in an emergency. The law also covers the requirement to inform the authorities in emergency situations and the provision of ambulances or other rescue operations.

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