Weekly Spotlight: New Consultation Launched by the ADGM on Amendments to the Market’s Employment Regulations

The Registration Authority of Abu Dhabi’s Global Market has launched a public consultation on proposed amendments to the Market’s Employment Regulations. The consultation ends on 28 April 2019. The consultation includes a proposal for a new rule to govern work carried out by individuals not sponsored by Global Market entities in the Global Market.

The amendments aim to enhance the Market’s employment framework and make it appealing for both employers and employees. The proposed amendments have been developed in light of international practices and standards. The key proposals include introducing a temporary work permit regime which will allow individuals seconded from other jurisdictions or outsourced from non-Global Market entities to officially work in the Market and facilitate the engagement of interns, with or without pay by Global Market entities

It will also allow temporary freelancers to operate in the Global Market subject to a temporary work permit being obtained for them and add provisions for ‘overtime’ and ‘overtime compensation’ for employees, except for those who are employed in managerial or supervisory positions.In addition, it will introduce amendments to the Ramadan working hours provision and sick leave pay provisions and introduce a one-way repatriation flight ticket entitlement to employees

Finally, it will add protective provisions for the employment of young people between 15 and 18, add a provision to confirm the application of the Federal Law Concerning the National and Reserve Service in the Global Market and introduce amendments to the Protection of Wages and Hiring Employees sections of the Abu Dhabi Global Market Employment Regulations (Compensation and Awards Limits) Rules 2016.

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