Bahrain: Maritime Law Ratified

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Bahrain: Maritime Law Ratified

Al Watan, 7 April 2022: Bahrain’s King has ratified Bahrain Law No. 10/2022 issuing the Maritime Law.

It had already been approved by the Shoura and Representative Councils.

Under Article 1, the Maritime Law will be enforced, in a way which does not conflict with the provisions of relevant international conventions and treaties and protocols in force in the Kingdom.

Under Article 2, the Law of Ship Registration and Determining Safety Conditions promulgated by Bahrain Decree-Law No. 14/1978 and the Maritime Law promulgated by Bahrain Decree-Law No. 23/1982 (as amended) as well as any provision which contradicts the provisions of the Law will be repealed.

Under Article 3,  the Minister responsible for Ports and Maritime Affairs will issue the Implementing Regulations and decisions necessary to implement the Law.

They will do within six months of the Law being published in the Official Gazette.

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