Qatar: Cabinet Approves Draft Public Hygiene Law

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Qatar: Cabinet Approves Draft Public Hygiene Law

The Peninsular, 21 December 2022: Qatar’s cabinet has approved a draft law to amend provisions of Qatar Law No.18/2017 on public hygiene to, among other things, prohibit the occupation of squares, roads, streets, lanes, alleys, sidewalks, and public parking areas with abandoned vehicles, equipment, machinery, temporary or permanent buildings, without a license from the competent municipality.

The draft law also prohibits leaving, throwing or pouring waste, or disposing of it, in places other than those specified by the competent municipality.

In the event of a violation, the municipality may remove the objects at the violator’s expense and impound their vehicle for up to three months.

Under the law, the municipality is responsible for public cleaning, including the collection, transportation, unloading and disposal of waste, although it may employ contractors to carry out the work.

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Benjamin Filaferro