Jordan’s Legislation and Opinion Bureau has Published a Draft Zakat Law

Jordan’s Legislation and Opinion Bureau has published a draft Zakat law. If approved it will establish a General Zakat Organisation which will have its own financial and legal independence, a Board of Trustees and branches and offices across the country. A fund to succeed the Zakat Fund established under Jordan Law No. 8/1988 will also be established and that law and its regulations will be repealed. The Board’s members will be drawn from individuals recommended by the Cabinet, including the Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites Minister. It will identify Islamic banks in which Zakat funds are placed, make plans for expenditures, regulations and carry out other budgetary and administrative duties. It will also issue recommendations on Zakat payments. The law specifies the way in which Zakat funds will be spent. It will come into effect on its publication in the Official Gazette.

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